Corporate Social Responsibility

We Have a Responsibility

Compliance and Ethics

TAJCO believes in conducting business with integrity and respect. We are committed to comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations in the jurisdictions within which we operate.

We demand this same standard of our suppliers, consultants, contractors and other representatives.

Code of Conduct

We have two TAJCO codes of conduct; one for employees and one for suppliers. Both codes of conduct are implemented and shared with employees and suppliers. We have certain demands for behaviours, and we make sure that these demands are known and confirmed by the relevant parties.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Before any sensitive information is shared, a contract is made in which the parties agree not to disclose any confidential and proprietary information covered by the agreement.

Employee Rights

For TAJCO, the observance of internationally recognised human rights forms the basis of all business relations.

Freedom of Association

Employees have the right to associate freely and join labour unions and works councils in accordance with local laws.

No Discrimination

Workers must be protected against any form of harassment and discrimination in any form, including but not limited to gender, sex, age, religion, disability and political beliefs. As a rule, employees are chosen and employed based on their qualifications and capabilities.

No Forced Labour

TAJCO rejects the use of forced and bonded labour, as well as involuntary prisoner labour and slavery.

No Child Labour

Child labour is forbidden. Underage labour, as defined by local labour law, will not be utilised.

Compensation and Benefits

The compensation and benefits paid correspond at the very least to the legally valid and guaranteed minimum. Where legal or collective bargaining agreements do not exist, compensation and benefits are based on industry-specific collective agreements that ensure an appropriate standard of living for the employee.

Occupational Health and Safety

TAJCO complies at least with the respective national standards, and takes appropriate measures to guarantee a hygienic and safe working environment. All required personal protection equipment is demanded being used and is offered for free to the employees.

Environmental Protection

TAJCO takes responsibility for continually improving and reducing the environmental impact in our operations. Measures are taken to ensure that any environmental issue is dealt with in a responsible manner.

New Technology

When implementing new technology, we aim at reducing the demands for energy consumption and natural resources, whilst also ensuring a healthy work environment.