Quality management is an important part of our organisation and has, with a customer oriented mindset, always been in focus, from sourcing, production, assembly, to testing and delivery of our products.

All processes are documented in our Business Operation System. Besides from providing us with a fully transparent and lean activity flow, this also enables us to link all of our processes directly to the applicable standards used in the automotive industry, ensuring we comply with market demands.

Our dedication to quality comes directly from our fundamental commitment to service and excellence, stated as principles in our quality policy:

Customer Focus

TAJCO is committed to setting the market standards for exhaust trim solutions, through exclusive designs, reliable products, quality focused service, exceeding customer expectations, providing products on time and at the highest value for the money.


TAJCO’s management is fully committed to constantly improve our products and processes. This commitment is mirrored in our business plans and is strengthened by our investments in resources, training and development.

Process Control

Business processes are controlled with the aim to secure consistency in TAJCO’s products and services. Systematic documentation and monitoring is used in order to achieve the best solutions and continual improvements.

Employee Commitment

TAJCO´s employees are the foundation for securing customers maximum value and quality. We will together aim for supplying results without failures. We demonstrate commitment towards our customer by continually learning and developing.