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Manufacturing excellence 

The first TAJCO spare parts for cars hit the shelves in 1955. In other words, we have a long history of manufacturing parts for the automotive industry. We know the ins of and outs of the automotive industry, and we know the meaning of creating value for the customer.


Lean manufacturing

Our lean manufacturing setup aims at eliminating waste – both in the literal sense, but certainly also in terms of processes. Continuous improvement is central for our operations. 

Acknowledging that no two customers are the same, we always assess what particular design concept works best for the individual product. At the same time, we seek to automate because it gives the best quality, service and price for our customer. 

An outstanding quality of the finished product is our goal, even if that sometimes means using manual processes. The end result is a flexible production process that can be tailored to the individual product. 


We use a combination of standard press manufacturing and automated manufacturing to give us the flexibility that allows us to produce complex, tailor-made parts. 

Outstanding surface treatment

TAJCO uses various technologies, depending on design, complexity, volume and requirements for the final look. Together with our customers, we decide how to manufacture the products in the most cost-effective way. 

We take particular pride in our best-in-class surface coating and welding skills. We are breaking new ground with our expertise in trivalent chrome, which has less environmental impact than the more commonly used hexavalent chrome.   

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