Meet Bingfeng

Bingfeng is Director, Manufacturing

Tell us about your role at TAJCO.

I am in charge of our Chinese manufacturing department, including the metal production, trim production, assembly, plating production, tool maintenance, setting and warehouse, maintenance and facilities. I am responsible for manufacturing cost, quality, safety and delivery, tool setting, tool maintenance and tool ware house, equipment maintenance and facility.

What does it mean to you to be a good colleague?

In my view, a good colleague always has a positive attitude toward problem solving and is being supportive when colleagues have problems. The good colleague accepts ownership and feels accountable when there is a challenge related to him or his team. Also, the good colleague endorses team work based on the bigger vision instead of only caring about the small team or the individual interest. Good colleagues always think about what we can do to improve when issues come up instead of pointing fingers. Finally, it is important to be open to any improvement opportunity.

How do you experience TAJCO's values and culture on a day to day basis?

You feel every day that TAJCO is performance driven and that your colleagues strive for efficiency. We are really competitive and committed to keeping up the structured value stream. There is an adamant determination to succeed together as a team, and there is an atmosphere of open and honest communication and underlying trust.  

How does it feel to work in an international company like TAJCO?

Whilst TAJCO is present in several geographies, it is great to see the company’s ability to comply to the regulations of Chinese laws concerning employee, welfare, safety, environment and customer specifications. No matter where we are based, there is collaboration across teams to improve the overall process efficiency.