Meet Daniel

Daniel is Manager, Manufacturing Engineering

Tell us about your role and what you do at TAJCO.

I’m in charge of a part of our production management. My primary responsibility is to optimise operational time and thereby the efficiency of the production site.

How do you see the development opportunities at TAJCO?

The automotive industry is a big, global market. As an employee with TAJCO, whether you are an engineer, HR partner or logistics specialist, you will invariably get involved in the business we conduct across the world. As I see it, it is difficult not to learn and develop professionally in a company like TAJCO.

How do you experience TAJCO's values and culture on a day to day basis?

TAJCO has a good culture and values. If we have issues in work and life, there is always help to be found because we care and respect each other. What I like about TAJCO is that there is this balance of, on the one hand, a strong determination to succeed in the market place and, on the other hand, to have passionate employees who are trusted and cared for.

What does being a good colleague mean to you?

One team, one goal! A good colleague must be honest and have a sense of ownership and at the same time be able to work with the team to achieve the goals.