Meet Erdem

Erdem is Director, Global QA Customer Support

Tell us about your role at TAJCO?

I am a Global QA Customer Support Director and I am in charge of the whole quality chain: From a new project begins to serial manufacturing and aftersales. This means that I am taking care of all quality related issues: TAJCO’s internal, as well as customer issues. I see my role as a sort of ambassador from the customer to TAJCO and vice versa.

How do you see yourself making a difference at TAJCO? Any specific situations where you made a difference?

The personal difference I am making is bridging our customer base and the TAJCO teams working with customers. My experience and insights help to connect the two parties, which is crucial. However, my job heavily relies on team-work. It is therefore always a team effort, which makes the main difference and I would not necessarily link my personal efforts to it.

How do you see the development opportunities at TAJCO?

What I greatly appreciate about TAJCO is our flat hierarchy. The communication from the operational level to the executive level is seamless – making it possible to make a genuine difference, which opens the door to both personal and professional development.

How does it feel to work in an international company like TAJCO? Do you have an example?

It is wonderful to work internationally, I enjoy it very much. This is one of the main assets of TAJCO – we are all coming from different cultures, we have different backgrounds, and still have a common language and purpose. This gives us so many new perspectives when finding the right solutions. To give an example: the German mindset is somewhat strict and me and my colleagues like order. In China, structure, hierarchy and planning play the main role. The Danes, on the other hand, are more direct and have a horizontal organisation. And even though globally we act in the Danish manner, we all learn from each other on a daily basis.