Meet Lisbeth

Lisbeth is HR Manager

Tell us about your role and what you do at TAJCO.

As an HR Manager at TAJCO I try to align human resources with the needs of the business.

In my role, I meet professional challenges every day, working with a vast variety of tasks e.g. Global HR projects/processes, administrative assignments, labour related issues and recruitments. My aim is to be a trusted sparring partner and advisor for TAJCO leaders and I am learning every day working in a global and dynamic company.

How does it feel to work in an international company like TAJCO? Do you have an example?

Great. Challenging. Fun. Inspiring. Working in an international company like TAJCO really gives you a lot of opportunities to learn from other cultures. I have travelled to most of TAJCO’s locations and have learned that a close and professional collaboration is enhanced greatly when my colleagues and I get a deeper understanding of each other’s different experiences and cultures. This will in the end add value for me personally, for TAJCO and for our customers.

How do you experience TAJCO's values and culture on a day to day basis?

My colleagues are passionate and highly skilled at what they do. They love their jobs and this really shows. At TAJCO we have fun and we care for each other. I really feel that we are all part of a big family supporting each other to reach our goals. Some of my colleagues have been in the company for many years and are very experienced within the automotive industry. Some, including myself, are still quite new and come with experience from other industries. Combined, the people working at TAJCO, with all their experiences and differences, make TAJCO what it is; a family-owned company with Danish roots and with strong values and possibilities to grow.

What would be useful to to know for someone who would like to work at TAJCO?

That we are a Scandinavian company that honours openness and honesty. We respect each other and that we as a team always thrive to do better. At TAJCO, it is accepted to challenge decisions and it is a place that offers you plenty of opportunities for development.