Meet Martin

Martin is Senior Manager, Advanced Manufacturing Engineering

Tell us about your role and what you do at TAJCO.

My main responsibility is among others to maintain the excellent welding process quality of our production facilities.

This happens in several ways. We improve our existing processes by tuning the welding parameters or improving our existing welding equipment. We also invent new ways for our welding production, by introducing the newest welding technologies, higher levels of automation and new concepts for our welding production lines. Also, we constantly increase our welding knowledge inside the company. Not only for people directly involved in the welding process,  but also for people from all related departments.

What does it mean to be a good colleague?

Being a good colleague is not only about delivering the professional knowledge to other colleagues, so, really, it is very important.

There is a human aspect of “being a good colleague”, which means that if somebody needs help, you support him or her. Being a good colleague is also to be able to feel a certain level of empathy to understand the behaviour of your colleagues, especially when we are a global company with many different cultural backgrounds. It is much easier to work with someone who keeps a positive and friendly attitude.

So, being a good colleague is a mixture of professional and human approach, and this is exactly what I am trying to live by.

How do you experience TAJCO's values and culture on a day to day basis?

I have been working for a few international companies before, but I must admit that none of them had pro-employee oriented values like TAJCO. I very much appreciate the friendly atmosphere in the company, which helps us overcome daily working issues more easily.

The TAJCO values push a proactive approach to work, trustworthy or innovative approach are also my personal values, so I am pleased that I have found a company with which I can share these values.

How do you see yourself making a difference at TAJCO? Any specific situations where you made a difference?

Well, in my eyes the entire Slovakian TAJCO organisation and site is a good example of “making a difference” in TAJCO. We are the newest member of the TAJCO family – a new location in a new nation!

I am trying on a daily basis to bring a bit of a ‘Slovak breeze’ to the TAJCO family, in the sense that we support the proactive approach to work, willingness of finding for a new solution to the daily challenges and ‘we-never-give-up’ attitude.

I think that one of my biggest contributions, or where I “make a difference”, is when I show other people that work can be fun and that you can enjoy time spent at work. It can happen that work is a passion!

So, beside my personal approach to work, I am trying to make a difference by implementing new welding technologies (e.g. a new production line in the Slovak factory), by helping to colleagues from other departments to understand the needs of the welding process and by increasing the general awareness of welding technologies inside our company.