Meet Martin

Martin is Director, Global Controlling

Tell us a bit about your role at TAJCO.

My responsibilities include defining our global controlling framework, developing and maintaining our financial reports, budgeting and strategic financial planning.

How would you describe TAJCO as a company?

TAJCO is a global company with a very successful history, and has an ambitious strategy to continue the growth path. Part of the reason for TAJCO's success is the fact that a lot of trust is invested in us as employees, and this in turn gives us a high degree of freedom and personal responsibility.

How do you experience TAJCO's values and culture on a day to day basis?

I experience a highly passionate team who respect each other and who focus on helping each other in order to reach our goals. Everybody understands that we have to work together to achieve both our personal goals and the company’s goals.

What would be useful to know for someone who would like to work at TAJCO?

It's a great place to work if you are looking for an opportunity in a global growth company with great and committed colleagues around the world. TAJCO is a dynamic work place, and if you're willing to learn and take the responsibility, then there is no limit to what you can achieve at TAJCO.