Meet Martin

Martin is Director, Global Business Development

Tell us about your role at TAJCO.

My role in business development at TAJCO is about identifying, developing and implementing strategic opportunities, which create long-term value for TAJCO. In practice, this could mean building relations to potential customers, analysing new, potential business areas or driving internal strategic projects.

How do you see the development opportunities at TAJCO?

TAJCO has developed into the leading, global supplier of exhaust trims. I see a significant potential to continue this growth in the future, making use of our presence in Europe, North America and Asia. We have a professional environment, which offers plenty of opportunity for developing both specialist and leadership skills in an agile and growing business with strong core competences and customer relations.

How do you experience TAJCO's culture and values on a day to day basis?

Even though TAJCO has grown into a relatively large company, there is still a strong sense of entrepreneurship, and people stick together across functions, striving for the same goal, even when it gets tough.

Employees at TAJCO have a very strong sense of urgency, which enables TAJCO to remain agile. This is an essential part of the “growth DNA”, which has brought TAJCO to where it is today, and this provides us with a firm belief in our ongoing success.

What would be useful to know for someone who would like to work at TAJCO?

TAJCO is a great place to work if you enjoy an open working environment where you have great opportunity for a challenging carrier path and personal development. The automotive industry is one of the most challenging in the world. It is great to be a part of a team, which has proven successful in a very competitive environment. TAJCO is rooted in Scandinavian culture, encouraging a performance driven culture propelled by integrity and an open and honest dialogue.