Meet Qihua

Qihua Liu is Team Leader, Surface Processing - Plating

Tell us about your role at TAJCO.

My position is Surface Processing Plating Team Leader. My primary job focuses on training of production workers. Also, I am involved in daily safety supervision, 6S management support and internal and external audit support as well.

How do you see yourself making a difference at TAJCO? Any specific situations where you made a difference?

I have worked in TAJCO for about 5 years. I won the ‘Improvement proposal award’ held by TAJCO two years in row. I really appreciate how our company conducts these kinds of activities to prompt employee’s initiative, creativity and potentials. Furthermore, my training skills have been remarkably improved via both in-house and external training, allowing me to pass on skills to colleagues.

How do you experience TAJCO's values and culture on a day to day basis?

There may be two key words in experiencing our TAJCO Values and Culture, namely passion and objectives. On the one hand, employees in TAJCO are very friendly and enthusiastic – we are like a big family here. On the other hand, we understand our department direction and objectives, and we are aware of how we create value to the overall business – this provides me a strong sense of responsibility and accountability. Moreover, every now and then we organize outdoor activities or teambuilding events which enhance our team cooperation spirit. So, I really enjoy working in such a working atmosphere and environment.

How would you describe TAJCO as a company?

From my point of view, TAJCO has strict formal management system and defined work flows which give me sense of security in knowing that I carry out my job correctly. People who work in TAJCO are respected. Moreover, TAJCO has fair talent selection procedure which I believe is one of the most crucial factors for corporate long-term stable development.