Meet Sara

Sara is Component Design Engineer

Tell us about your role and what you do at TAJCO.

My position in TAJCO is Component Design Engineer in Global Technology & Industrial Engineering. In my job, I am primarily responsible for our Bentley customers, and for the design and validation of domestic products in relation to tool manufacturing.

How does it feel to work in an international company like TAJCO? Do you have an example?

It is very satisfying working in an international company like TAJCO. I find my spoken English has improved very much since I started in TAJCO. Also, I sincerely appreciate the opportunity TAJCO offered me giving an insight into other nationalities cultures, values and ways of working. Furthermore, our shared TAJCO Values and Culture as well as our commitment to safety is motivating the entire team and creating a great work atmosphere.

How do you see yourself making a difference at TAJCO? Any specific situations where you made a difference?

I have worked in TAJCO for about 9 years and TAJCO has grown considerably over the years. My role has developed from a Design Assistant to a Design Engineer who is responsible for development of customer related processes. Together with my colleagues, I feel that we make a difference both towards our customers and to TAJCO.

What would be useful to to know for someone who would like to work at TAJCO?

In TAJCO, we help each other. If you face any obstacles, there’s always a colleague who is willing to help you out. We are more like a big family close-knitted by our shared values and culture, which are deeply imbedded in me both in terms of work and private life.

I really appreciate that whatever difficulties you encounter, TAJCO colleagues will pull you through.