Meet Veronika

Veronika is Team Leader, Assembly Welding

Tell us about your role at TAJCO?

I started in TAJCO as a Production Operator. I ran processes in the production unit – from supplying materials into the production machines, to collecting and packing final products. I ensured overall high quality and safety of the production. Later, I have been promoted to a Team Leader position, where I manage employees in the production unit. I am learning a lot in my Team Leader role, but I get a lot of support from TAJCO, which helps me very much.

How would you describe TAJCO as a company?

Working in TAJCO means working in a friendly environment, at all levels of the organisation. Whether in finance department, in HR or in production itself, the atmosphere is relaxed and focused. I have now started my third year in TAJCO, and although I perform well, I have not felt stressed. Therefore, I would not change my job for any other. The internal environment really motivates me, and I am highly satisfied.

What does being a good colleague mean to you?

A good colleague communicates with others, keeps the head cool and does not lose his or her temper. I believe that many people appreciate such characteristics in a colleague, independent of their professional background. A lot of new hires join us here in Slovakia and I am convinced they would say the same.

What would be useful to know for someone who would like to work at TAJCO?

TAJCO is a family-owned company, and our culture is also family-like. Some of the TAJCO offices are smaller, and previously the Slovakian plant in Malacky has not counted many employees. I sometimes see newcomers being surprised by this, but eventually everyone here in Malacky appreciates the scale of our organisation.