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When people ask us what TAJCO’s purpose is, the short answer is ‘Adding value to cars’. 

If you would like us to expand on that, we say that ‘Adding value to cars’ is a reflection of an ambition that can be seen from five main perspectives. Summed up, this is how we believe that we add value for our stakeholders in the automotive industry and beyond:



Our customers see TAJCO as a preferred supplier and business partner who ​

  • understands customer needs and provides solutions at competitive prices.​

  • delivers on time.​

  • contributes with world class technical and design competences.​

  • excels in programme and process management.​

  • delivers quality products that make cars look classier and give them more personality.​

  • increases the vehicle sales value more than the actual cost of the provided solutions.

Woman Driving
  • enjoy how the exterior trims from TAJCO complete the visual expression of their car.​

  • appreciate the possibilities of creating an individualised and differentiating design for their premium car.​

Car owners

Aerial View of the Circle Bridge
  • regards TAJCO as a responsible and compliant business that has an ambition to act sustainably.​

  • sees TAJCO as a business partner who creates jobs and a livelihood for many people.

  • acknowledges that TAJCO makes an effort to provide its employees with both personal and professional skills that help improve society.


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Our employees think of TAJCO as​

  • a place where safety comes first.​

  • a company where our values and culture are our guiding stars.​

  • an inspiring and motivating workplace where professional and personal development is in focus.​

  • an attractive employer who provides a competitive compensation package.​

  • an employer who values and supports diversity and includes employees from many different cultures and backgrounds.

  • an employer that creates a concrete product, which makes a visible difference for car owners and our customers, the world-renowned car manufacturers.​

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The owners of TAJCO regard the company as an exciting and sustainable business, which deserves a long-term commitment.


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