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Values and culture

Our company Values and Culture define how we interact with each other, with our customers and the rest of the world around us. They are rooted in our history and we believe they are critical to our company’s long term success. They are the foundation on which everything else is built. 

The TAJCO Group Values and Culture serve as a guide for our day to day behaviour and they drive our decisions at all levels of the organisation. They express our shared beliefs across regions and entities and create the base for a high-performance culture. 

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Our culture


We are accountable

We don’t believe in a ‘that’s not my business, that’s your business’ attitude. We believe that we are all accountable for more than we are responsible for. If you see something that’s not working, you raise your hand and accept accountability, and we are all accountable for the company's failures and successes. 


We care

Caring permeates all corners of what TAJCO does. We have a deep affection and care for the quality and detail of our products, but we also have a fundamental belief that happy people create the best solutions. Therefore, we look out for each other. 


We succeed together

Do you know the feeling when you have accomplished something amazing with a group of people you love to work with? We do! We lift the challenging tasks together because we believe that’s how we are the strongest. Whether you are a customer or a TAJCO employee, our success is created as a team. 


We have an owner mindset

At TAJCO, we entrust our colleagues with the resources of the company, we offer a great place to work and, in turn, we expect that we all act as guardians of the company and its property as if they were our own. 

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