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Committing to a customer-centric end-to-end approach, TAJCO is more than a mere trims supplier.

Our engineers and program managers are sparring partners and problem solvers. Our technicians in operations take great pride in delivering the quality you need on time. Our supply chain experts make every effort to get your parts there on time - and they don't see failure as an option.


This is partnership, and this is the way it should. And this is why we are the top choice for premium car brands.

Explore to learn more about our manufacturing excellence, supply chain capabilities and aftermarket partnerships.


At the forefront of


TAJCO’s expertise is rooted in more than seven decades of automotive experience. 

We are a leading company at the forefront of technology, engineering and innovation. Our unwavering commitment to quality is evident in every aspect of our supply chain and manufacturing processes. Explore our cutting-edge solutions and discover how we continuously strive to redefine industry standards and deliver excellence in everything we do. 

Roll forming

With our inhouse roll forming lines and a team of experienced professionals, we deliver customised roll formed solutions that exceed industry standards. Trust us to transform your ideas into high-quality, cost-effective products. 


Whether you need complex profiles or simple shapes, our roll forming expertise ensures consistent results and quick turnaround times, making us your trusted partner for all your roll-forming needs. 

Stretch bending

Discover the art of precision with our stretch bending services. Using advanced techniques and cutting-edge equipment, we specialise in creating flawless bends for a wide range of forms in stainless steel. 

Our skilled craftsmen ensure that every bend is executed with the utmost accuracy, delivering superior quality and impeccable aesthetics. We will bring your vision to life with our expertise in stretch bending.

Endcap flanging

Elevate your stainless-steel products with our exceptional endcap flanging services. With meticulous attention to detail and unparalleled craftsmanship, we specialize in creating precisely formed premium endcaps. 

Our fully automated and specialist machinery and our skilled technicians ensure that every flange is flawlessly executed, providing a seamless finish and enhancing the appearance of your stainless-steel components. Partner with us for top-quality endcap flanging solutions that meet your exact specifications. 

Metal forming

TAJCO uses various technologies, depending on design, complexity, volume and requirements for the final look. Together with our customers, we decide how to manufacture the products in the most cost-effective way. ​ 


​Metal has been our material of choice since the very beginning of TAJCO’s manufacturing history. The first many years, brass was our competence area, but around twenty years ago, stainless steel became an expertise area for us. ​ 


​We stamp, laser cut, deep draw, (stretch) bend, expand, end-roll and roll form stainless steel according to the needs of the individual customer.​ 

Abstract Building


Welding is a skill that is essential when you want to achieve the quality and solutions we aim for.


​Our welding techniques have been perfected over many years, and we provide best-in-class solutions.​ 

​To meet individual customer requirements and needs we are providing different welding technologies like spot welding, laser welding, TIG and MAG welding.​ 


Surface treatment

We take particular pride in our best-in-class surface coating skills. We are breaking new ground with our expertise in trivalent chrome, which has less environmental impact than the more commonly used hexavalent chrome.  ​ 

​Our in-house chromium-plating line is state-of-the-art and ensures a superior surface finish quality.​​ 

As one of the only exhaust trim manufacturers in the world, we have metal forming, welding and chrome plating in our own production facilities. ​​ 

We use bright, black and cerium grey chrome in matt and glossy finishes. We are also able to offer trivalent chrome surfaces in bright and dark finishes and flash chrome applications. Electro and mirror polishing can also be supplied. ​ 

The finish of a trim is essential, and we continually monitor the entire manufacturing process. We ensure that all processes are under control, and we take great pride in producing parts with a high-quality surface finish.​ 

For our window trims, we can offer not only our full plating portfolio but also paint solutions such as ‘piano black’ or other colours that the customer wishes to use.​ 

We meet all of the required European environmental standards in order to maximise our protection of the environment.​ 

The high level of recycling of water used for the processes as well as the purification plants ensure that all environmental obligations and EU guidelines are met.​ 



We at TAJCO take great pride in being your trusted and reliable engineering partner. We offer a wealth of knowledge and experience in the automotive industry. At the core of our success lies our excellent product engineering process, known as TPEP (TAJCO Product Engineering Process), which allows us to deliver exceptional solutions on time, at the estimated cost and at the right quality. 

With a team of highly skilled engineers and program managers, we are well-equipped to handle the most complex challenges. Our engineering prowess enables us to tackle intricate design concepts and bring them to life with precision and creativity. 

Moreover, our program management expertise ensures seamless coordination and efficient execution of projects, making certain that each milestone is met with utmost professionalism and timeliness. By embracing cutting-edge technologies and best practices, we continually raise the bar for quality and performance, delivering products that are not only reliable but also sustainable. 

As a company committed to excellence, we understand the importance of staying ahead in the fast-paced automotive landscape. Therefore, we are continuously investing in research and development to stay at the forefront of industry trends and technological advancements. 

We provide top-notch design solutions that seamlessly translate all customer requirements and expectations into reality. Our dedicated team works diligently to craft a design solution that precisely fulfills your needs and aspirations. 

With our customer-centric approach, we actively engage with you throughout the design process, carefully listening to your unique ideas and preferences. By understanding your vision, we can tailor the design to perfectly align with your goals and aspirations, creating a product that not only functions flawlessly but also delights and inspires. 

Design solutions


Feasibility studies 

Great design goes beyond aesthetics; it must also be practical and feasible for production. To ensure the feasibility and success of each project, our cross-functional engineering teams meticulously review and validate the proposed design in alignment with our customers.  

With our inhouse simulation tools and extensive testing procedures, we ensure a thorough evaluation of concepts and designs, allowing us to identify potential challenges and opportunities early in the development process.

This comprehensive approach guarantees that the final product can be efficiently manufactured in serial production, meeting the highest quality standards. This is how we bring your visions to life. 


Endcap flanging


Elevate your stainless-steel products with our exceptional endcap flanging services. With meticulous attention to detail and unparalleled craftsmanship, we specialise in creating precisely formed premium endcaps. 

Our fully automized and specialist machinery and our skilled technicians ensure that every flange is flawlessly executed, providing a seamless finish and enhancing the appearance of your stainless-steel components. Partner with us for top-quality endcap flanging solutions that meet your exact specifications. 



Piano black on stainless steel 

Experience automotive excellence with our piano black painting on stainless steel. Our advanced painting techniques and adherence to strict automotive exterior trim requirements ensure a flawless and durable finish that enhances the aesthetics of your vehicle.  

With meticulous attention to detail, we deliver a mirror-like gloss and impeccable colour consistency, creating a luxurious and refined appearance. 


Trivalent chrome plating 

Unlock the power of automotive customisation with our in-house expertise in trivalent chrome plating. Designed to meet all relevant automotive requirements, our plating process offers exceptional durability and corrosion resistance while providing the most relevant colours. From classic chrome to graphite black, we deliver flawless finishes that enhance the appearance of your vehicle. Experience automotive excellence with our trivalent chrome plating, where quality and customization meet seamlessly. 

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Screen Shot 2023-09-04 at 16.00_edited.png

Quality and compliance

Quality management is an important part of our organisation and has, with a customer-oriented mindset, always been in focus – from sourcing, production, assembly, to testing and delivery of our products.​​ 

Our internal testing resources ensure the quality of the premium parts by running the majority of relevant tests and using measurement devices like CMM, GOM and CCD. ​ 

Our dedication to quality comes directly from our fundamental commitment to service and excellence, stated as principles in our quality policy.​​ 

TAJCO is ISO 14001 and 45001 and IATF 16949 certified. Our information security management setup is TISAX and ISO 27001 approved. 

We can thank our dedicated employees for these accomplishments, and customers can rest assured that we always seek to continuously improve our processes and ensure compliance.  

Our IATF 16949 certificate has certificate number 10467483. 

You can download our ISO 14001 & ISO 45001, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and IATF 16949 certificates here:  

ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018  

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 

IATF 16949:2016

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Manufacturing excellence 

The first TAJCO spare parts were manufactured in 1955. Since then, we have moved from producing thousand to millions per year. 

Our lean manufacturing setup aims at eliminating waste – both in the literal sense, but certainly also in terms of processes. Continuous improvement is central for our operations and an integral part of how we work.  

Acknowledging that no two customers are the same, we always assess what particular design concept works best for the individual product. At the same time, we seek to automate because it gives the best quality, service and price for our customer.  

An outstanding quality of the finished product is our goal, even if that sometimes means using manual processes. The end result is a flexible production process that can be tailored to the individual product.  

We use a combination of standard press manufacturing and automated manufacturing to give us the flexibility that allows us to produce complex, tailor-made parts.  

We are known for our ability to react quickly and deliver when others think it is impossible. It all comes down to planning and experience. 

TSK3_AV Design.jpg

Planning for agility 


Decades of experience in automotive have taught us that supply chain is king. Delivering at the right place at the right time is essential for an industry where the assembly lines wait for YOUR part in order to move on. 

With a global production setup and distribution centres in all core markets, TAJCO ensures fast delivery to the assembly lines. Our philosophy is to follow the customers – where you are, we will be! 

TAJCO’s supply chain department focuses on efficiency on all parameters. We move container loads rather than general cargo. We insist on strong SIOP (Sales Inventory Operations Planning) and thereby avoid disappointing our customers – as well as air transport, which is not only costly, but also the least environmentally sustainable solution. We walk the extra mile to deliver as agreed – count on us! 

Supply chain


Aftermarket partner

We’ll help you focus on the future  


Right now, car manufacturers around the globe focus on the electrical vehicle revolution. This does not mean that combustible engine vehicles will disappear from one day to the next. Owners of combustion engine cars will still need support years ahead.  

As a brand-new offer to our customers, we are happy to engage in aftermarket agreements for car models that we did not originally support.  

TAJCO has delivered quality aftermarket components to its customers for decades, and we will continue this long legacy as long as our customers need it.  

Our service includes the safe storage of tools, production capabilities and capacity, high quality components, short delivery times and a high level of flexibility in a global production setup with local distribution. 

This means that we can lift some of the aftermarket complexity on behalf of our customers. We can handle everything from marketing to storage and distribution whilst you focus your resources and space on the transition to electric vehicles. 

Contact us via your TAJCO Key Account Manager if you have questions regarding the establishment of an aftermarket partnership. 

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