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When people ask us what TAJCO’s purpose is, the short answer is ‘Adding value to cars’. 

If you would like us to expand on that, we say that ‘Adding value to cars’ is a reflection of an ambition that can be seen from five main perspectives. Summed up, this is how we believe that we add value for our stakeholders in the automotive industry and beyond:



Our customers see TAJCO as a preferred supplier and business partner who ​

  • understands customer needs and provides solutions at competitive prices.​

  • delivers on time.​

  • contributes with world class technical and design competences.​

  • excels in programme and process management.​

  • delivers quality products that make cars look classier and give them more personality.​

  • increases the vehicle sales value more than the actual cost of the provided solutions.

Woman Driving
  • enjoy how the exterior trims from TAJCO complete the visual expression of their car.​

  • appreciate the possibilities of creating an individualised and differentiating design for their premium car.​

Car owners

Aerial View of the Circle Bridge
  • regards TAJCO as a responsible and compliant business that has an ambition to act sustainably.​

  • sees TAJCO as a business partner who creates jobs and a livelihood for many people.

  • acknowledges that TAJCO makes an effort to provide its employees with both personal and professional skills that help improve society.


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Our employees think of TAJCO as​

  • a place where safety comes first.​

  • a company where our values and culture are our guiding stars.​

  • an inspiring and motivating workplace where professional and personal development is in focus.​

  • an attractive employer who provides a competitive compensation package.​

  • an employer who values and supports diversity and includes employees from many different cultures and backgrounds.

  • an employer that creates a concrete product, which makes a visible difference for car owners and our customers, the world-renowned car manufacturers.​

TAJCO 23.09_edited.jpg

The owners of TAJCO regard the company as an exciting and sustainable business, which deserves a long-term commitment.


Values & culture

Our company Values & Culture define how we interact with each other, with our customers and the rest of the world around us. They are rooted in our history and we believe they are critical to our company’s long term success. They are the foundation on which everything else is built. 

The TAJCO Group Values and Culture serve as a guide for our day to day behaviour and they drive our decisions at all levels of the organisation. They express our shared beliefs across regions and entities and create the base for a high-performance culture. 



We are accountable 

We believe that we are all accountable for more than we are responsible for. If you see something that’s not working, you raise your hand and accept accountability, and we are all accountable for the company's failures and successes. 

We care 

Caring permeates all corners of what TAJCO does. We have a deep affection and care for the quality and detail of our products, but we also have a fundamental belief that happy people create the best solutions. 

We succeed together 

Do you know the feeling when you have accomplished something amazing with a group of people you love to work with? We do! We lift the challenging tasks together. Whether you are a customer or a TAJCO employee, our success is created as a team. 

We have an owner mindset 

At TAJCO, we entrust our colleagues with the resources of the company, we offer a great place to work and, in turn, we expect that we all act as guardians of the company and its property as if they were our own. 

ESG (Environment, Social, Governance)

We all have a responsibility to make our planet a better place to live. We believe that enterprises such as TAJCO have a huge part to play in making the necessary changes towards a more sustainable future.  

Fortunately, a great shift is taking place towards a circular mindset and greater awareness of the effort that must be made for our environment as well as for the way human beings are being treated.

We cannot change the past, but we can certainly change the road ahead. And we are willing to make a well-considered and gradual change.

For more information on TAJCO's environmental sustainability vision and efforts, please click here.

Safety first!

Although the environment is one of this century’s biggest challenges, there are also other aspects that we must consider. The safety of our employees always comes first. We believe it is a human right to be able to go to work without getting hurt - neither physically, nor mentally.  

We have a zero accident ambition, and we will always meet or exceed the health and safety requirements. Our compliance is evaluated consistently by monitoring ongoing performance results and via audits and periodic management reviews, ensuring new objectives are being set. Safety training is mandatory for all TAJCO employees, for example via e-learning programmes, which are tailormade for our organisation. This guarantees that TAJCO has a continually improved, safe working environment. 


Code of Conduct 

We have two TAJCO codes of conduct; one for employees and one for suppliers. Both codes of conduct are implemented and shared with employees and suppliers. We have certain demands for behaviours, and we make sure that these demands are known and confirmed by the relevant parties. 


Employee rights 

For TAJCO, the observance of internationally recognised human rights forms the basis of all business relations. 


Freedom of association 

Employees have the right to associate freely and join labour unions and works councils in accordance with local laws. 


No discrimination 

Workers must be protected against any form of harassment and discrimination in any form, including but not limited to gender, sex, age, religion, disability and political beliefs. As a rule, employees are chosen and employed based on their qualifications and capabilities. 


No forced labour 

TAJCO rejects the use of forced and bonded labour, as well as involuntary prisoner labour and slavery. 


No child labour 

Child labour is forbidden. Underage labour, as defined by local labour law, will not be utilised. 


Compensation and benefits 

The compensation and benefits paid correspond at the very least to the legally valid and guaranteed minimum. Where legal or collective bargaining agreements do not exist, compensation and benefits are based on industry-specific collective agreements that ensure an appropriate standard of living for the employee. 


Exercise is good! Every year, we arrange a TAJCO Anniversary Fitness Challenge. This is an opportunity for TAJCO employees to compete against each other across departments and borders. We run, walk and cycle to stay healthy and of course because we love a good competition. 

Through the door 02.jpg


We are committed to recruiting a diverse workforce, creating an environment of belonging, retaining our talents, and increasing representation.

Health and safety

TAJCO has a zero accident ambition. We take it for granted that you should be able to go to work without getting hurt – even if you’re doing hard, manual work.  


Our ongoing commitment to safety is embedded in our business practices. This commitment reflects our belief that we all must take responsibility for safeguarding the work environment and the health and safety of our employees.  We care about the wellbeing of our employees.


We show this by engagement, consultation and involvement of our employees, implementation of environmental, health and safety standards and taking appropriate measures to prevent work and health-related injuries.  


At TAJCO, we have obligated ourselves to meet or exceed all applicable environmental, health and safety requirements and to continually improve our Environment, Health & Safety Management system. Our compliance is evaluated consistently by monitoring ongoing performance results and via audits and periodic management reviews, ensuring new objectives are being set. This guarantees that TAJCO has a continually improved, safe working environment.  


We advocate the adoption of prudent health and safety principles and practices for our suppliers, consultants and contractors. 

TAJCO Whistleblower

At TAJCO, we believe in fairness and trust. We want to protect our employees, suppliers and customers from corruption and other illegal behaviour and to keep them safe. We also believe that everyone should have the opportunity to speak up if they observe something that is wrong or against the law.


If you have experienced any misconduct by TAJCO employees, we would appreciate if you let us know. Please use the form below to send us a report. You can be anonymous if you desire – it is entirely up to you. You are not required to state your name or e-mail address at any stage.


The report will be sent to TAJCO’s external legal counsel in China, JunHe LLC. In this way, we ensure that a third party will be informed of the potential problem and then inform our leadership team of the issue.


Please note that this form is not to be used for product related issues. If you are a TAJCO customer and have product related issues, please contact our customer service team.

Thank you for sharing your concern with TAJCO


It all began in 1946, when two brothers-in-law started chasing the dream of setting up their own business. K.B. Jensen and Tage Jensen founded the company called 'Tage Jensen & Co.'and became resellers of spare parts for automobiles.

A decade later, the two young entrepreneurs brought in a third party and became manufacturers of spare parts.

During the 1980s, the company founders retired and the TAJCO legacy was carries on and taken to new heights by the Lorenz family who still own the company today.

Today, TAJCO is considered as a leading supplier of premium exterior trim solutions for the global automotive industry. 


If you join TAJCO, you’ll immediately sense that we have created a workplace that’s rooted in Danish culture and the family ownership. This is a place where you can grow both as a professional and as a person.

Meet our colleagues

Martin Sass-Petersen 2022_edited.jpg
"TAJCO is a great place to work if you enjoy an open working environment where you have great opportunity for a challenging carrier path and personal development. It is great to be a part of a team that has proven successful in a very competitive environment.
TAJCO is rooted in Scandinavian culture, encouraging a performance driven culture propelled by integrity and an open and honest dialogue. "

Martin, Global Business Development Director


TAJCO is an international organisation deeply rooted in its Danish ownership and culture. This page gives you an overview of the structure of the group as well as the Board of Directors and Group Management Team. 

Locations & contact

TAJCO is a global supplier of exterior trims to the automotive industry. It is our philosophy that we should be close to our customers. We have therefore offices in both Europe, North America and Asia.


In addition to our own sites, we have warehouse partners in the UK, the US, Denmark and Slovakia.



Jens Ravns Vej 11A,

DK-7100 Vejle


Tel.: +45 75 32 14 11


TAJCO Germany GmbH

Schelmenwasenstrasse 16-20
D-70567  Stuttgart


Tel.: +49 711 220 474 86


TAJCO Slovakia s.r.o.

Lamačská cesta 3/B

841 01 Bratislava



Tel.: +421 34 773 12 13


TAJCO Manufacturing (Ningbo) Co., Ltd.

Nordic Industrial Park

Zhenhai Development Zone

Jin Chuan Road 177

Zhenhai Ningbo

Zhejiang Province

CN-PRC 315221


Tel.: +86 574 55009393


TAJCO Asia Trading (Ningbo) Co., Ltd

Nordic Industrial Park

Zhenhai Development Zone

Jin Chuan Road 177

Zhenhai Ningbo

Zhejiang Province

CN-PRC 315221


Tel.: +86 574 55009393


TAJCO North America Inc.

39555 Orchard Hill Place

Suite 600

Novi MI, 48375


Tel.: +1-248-348-5781

Fax.: +1 248 418 7498

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