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Beauty. Durability. Scratch resistance.

Window trims

TAJCO’s products combine the durability of stainless steel with the beauty of coated aluminium. The scratch resistance is formidable, the endcap solutions unique.

TAJCO offers the full range of window trims, consisting of beltline, door or roof frame and quarter light trims.

Our stainless-steel trims feature full-size formed endcaps and are delivered with assembled rubber sealings.


Chrome plating, wet painting and powder coating allow for a variance of surface finishes to match the design requirements.

Solutions beyond the standard.


TAJCO can provide high-quality b-pillars. Our stainless-steel b-pillars are meticulously designed to not only meet and exceed all customer requirements, but also to align with our commitment to sustainability.  

By utilizing high-quality materials, we maintain exceptional performance and durability standards that by far exceed those of aluminium.

With the versatility of chrome plating, wet painting and powder coating, we can offer a wide range of scratch-resistant surface finishes that perfectly match your design specifications.


We have added value to cars for more than 75 years.

Exhaust trims

The first TAJCO exhaust trims were produced in 1955. Since then, we have earned a position as a best-in-class supplier of trims among the world’s most renowned car makers.  

We produce both exhaust mounted and bumper/fascia mounted trims. The exhaust mounted trims are fitted directly to the exhaust system by means of springs, welding, clamping or a screw. Bumper or fascia mounted trims are attached to the fascia itself and therefore oftentimes represent relatively more complex free form shapes. 

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