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| DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion)

DEI isn't a 'nice to have'. It's about us, our colleagues and the world we care for – all backgrounds, beliefs, abilities and the entire range of human experience. It's the foundation of thriving individuals, innovative teams and impactful communications. We are committed to recruiting a diverse workforce, creating an environment of trust and belonging. 

We are TAJCO - no matter where in the world we are or what background we have, we all have a part to play in TAJCO.

DEI in TAJCO, let's hear them out.

Dana Temløv December 2023_edited.png
"We at the TAJCO Group want to nurture a culture of inclusion and diversity, and we believe that we all have the potential to bring something unique to the table. To us, the colour of your skin, your gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, height, the size of your tattoos, the length of your hair or your musical taste isn’t really important; what is important is that you can live the TAJCO values and culture."

Dana Temløv, Senior Manager, People & Culture

There are a number of concrete areas where we have decided to focus our efforts. These areas are divided into six steps: 

  1. Governance model and proposal

  2. Group Management Team alignment of key focus and targets

  3. Internal training to enhance awareness

  4. External communications

  5. Various activities to promote DEI

  6. ​Reinforcement: regular check and update


Our cross-culture programme

As a multi-national corporation, we simply can't ignore that cultural differences play a significant role in our everyday. 

To enhance the effectiveness of cross-cultural collaboration, we started an online-offline cross-culture training concept.

We believe that we can only embrace our cultural differences if we start to get to know them better.


We advocate gender equality by arranging regular female leadership workshops, encouraging female colleagues to take on leadership roles and by enhancing work-life balance.

Activities and events agenda: 

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