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Health and safety 

TAJCO has a zero accident ambition. We take it for granted that you should be able to go to work without getting hurt – even if you’re doing hard, manual work. 
Our ongoing commitment to safety is embedded in our business practices. This commitment reflects our belief that we all must take responsibility of safeguarding the work environment and health and safety of our employees. 
We care about the wellbeing of our employees. We show this by engagement, consultation and involvement of our employees, implementation of environmental, health and safety standards and taking appropriate measures to prevent work and health-related injuries. 
At TAJCO, we have obligated ourselves to meeting or exceeding all applicable environmental, health and safety requirements and to continually improve our Environment, Health & Safety Management system. Our compliance is evaluated consistently by monitoring ongoing performance results and via audits and periodic management reviews, ensuring new objectives are being set. This guarantees that TAJCO has a continually improved, safe working environment. 
We advocate the adoption of prudent health and safety principles and practices for our suppliers, consultants and contractors. 

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