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TAJCO takes giant sustainability leap with green electricity deal

Decreasing energy consumption from electricity use has always been a key priority for TAJCO in the past decade.

In a groundbreaking move towards environmental sustainability, TAJCO has initiated the purchase of 100% green electricity for the Ningbo plant. This initiative marks a significant milestone in our company's commitment to make a significant contribution to climate action.

The switch to green electricity, i.e., electricity that is derived from renewable energy, is not just a step towards cleaner energy, but also a testament to our dedication to sustainable practices.

Achieving this feat has been a collaborative effort. EHS, Procurement and the Sustainability team have worked closely with our local energy providers to ensure the seamless integration of green electricity in our operational setup. Moreover, this initiative aligns with China's national goals for reducing carbon emissions and boosts the country's ongoing efforts in environmental conservation.

As we embark on this green journey, we will reinforce our commitment to renewable energy.

The transition to green electricity has been effective since the 1st of January.

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