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Design & innovation


At the core of TAJCO's ability to add value to cars is our Product Development team who work closely with our customers to perfect and innovate the design of trims. 

With development teams based in Germany, China and North America, we use the combination of our global development capabilities and local innovation, programme management and component design engineering talents to offer customers solutions that are tailored to both global and regional consumer needs. 


Product Development 

Product innovation and design are driven by TAJCO, but often in close collaboration with our partners and customers. 

Our innovation happens in a timely and structured way and we frequently do research and develop new products and solutions. Innovation is part of our mindset, and we constantly look to add value to our customers' solutions. At TAJCO we understand the need for co-creation and mutual adaptation between the alternative technology and the system in which it is produced and used. 

The TAJCO Product Engineering Process (TPEP) is compliant with the VDA 6.3 process audit. All designs are verified prior to industrialisation via approved analysis methods. 


Over the decades, TAJCO has built world-class engineering competencies, which have become a core competency and an essential part of the value proposition to our customers. 

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