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| ESG (Environment, Social, Governance)

We all have a responsibility for making our planet a better place to live. We believe that enterprises such as TAJCO have a huge part to play in making the necessary changes towards a more sustainable future.  

Fortunately, a great shift is taking place towards a circular mindset and greater awareness of the effort that must be made for our environment as well as for the way human beings are being treated.

We cannot change the past, but we can certainly change the road ahead. And we are willing to make a well-considered and gradual change.

For the environment, there are a number of concrete areas where we have decided to focus our efforts. These areas are divided into three steps: 

1. Data collection 

  • Energy consumption 

  • CO2 emissions 

  • Use of chemicals 

  • Wastewater 

  • Waste handling. 


TAJCO’s sustainability vision

We believe in a world where carbon neutral mobility is possible. We want to make an active contribution to this transformation. By 2030, our production setup relies 100% on green energy, and our emissions will be reduced by 30% compared to 2018 levels. ​ 

2. Reduction 

  • Reduction of CO2 emissions 

  • Reduction of energy consumption 

  • Reduction of the use of chemicals and transition to use of more environmentally friendly chemicals (most notably a transition from hexavalent chrome to trichrome) 

  • Reduction of wastewater 

  • Reduction of waste. 

02 Walk - grass 01.jpg

The EU ‘End of Life Vehicles’ directive ensures that car parts, such as TAJCO trims, are recycled. In fact, the small amount of chromium used for TAJCO products is a useful component in the reuse of stainless steel.

3. Green energy 

  • Transition to green energy sourcing 


Throughout the second half of 2021 and 2022, we are collecting data to learn what our situation is. Actions to reduce our impact will take place continually as we have proficient data. 


100% of TAJCO’s process materials from our trims production are reused. 

Safety first!

Although the environment is one of this century’s biggest challenges, there are also other aspects that we must consider. The safety of our employees always comes first. We believe it is a human right to be able to go to work without getting hurt - neither physically, nor mentally.  

We have a zero accident ambition, and we will always meet or exceed the health and safety requirements. Our compliance is evaluated consistently by monitoring ongoing performance results and via audits and periodic management reviews, ensuring new objectives are being set. Safety training is mandatory for all TAJCO employees, for example via e-learning programmes, which are tailormade for our organisation. This guarantees that TAJCO has a continually improved, safe working environment. 


Code of Conduct 

We have two TAJCO codes of conduct; one for employees and one for suppliers. Both codes of conduct are implemented and shared with employees and suppliers. We have certain demands for behaviours, and we make sure that these demands are known and confirmed by the relevant parties. 


Employee rights 

For TAJCO, the observance of internationally recognised human rights forms the basis of all business relations. 


Freedom of association 

Employees have the right to associate freely and join labour unions and works councils in accordance with local laws. 


No discrimination 

Workers must be protected against any form of harassment and discrimination in any form, including but not limited to gender, sex, age, religion, disability and political beliefs. As a rule, employees are chosen and employed based on their qualifications and capabilities. 


No forced labour 

TAJCO rejects the use of forced and bonded labour, as well as involuntary prisoner labour and slavery. 


No child labour 

Child labour is forbidden. Underage labour, as defined by local labour law, will not be utilised. 


Compensation and benefits 

The compensation and benefits paid correspond at the very least to the legally valid and guaranteed minimum. Where legal or collective bargaining agreements do not exist, compensation and benefits are based on industry-specific collective agreements that ensure an appropriate standard of living for the employee. 


Exercise is good! Every year, we arrange a TAJCO Anniversary Fitness Challenge. This is an opportunity for TAJCO employees to compete against each other across departments and borders. We run, walk and cycle to stay healthy and of course because we love a good competition. 

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Half-marathon 2019.JPG

TAJCO colleagues getting ready for
the Ningbo half-marathon in 2019

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